Goat Canvas Prints | Farm House Decor

Searching for the perfect farm house decor piece to add to your home or office? I’ve put together a gallery full of my favorite creative prints. The photos highlight farming in Pennsylvania and our herd of Boer goats.

The photos started out as a way for me to practice with different types of lighting, try out something new, and be creative without a deadline. Well now creating these farm prints are a way for me to relax and recharge after a busy day or event. If you’ve followed along on social media, I’m sure you recognize “Beth” in the photos. She’s been attached to me from day 1 and I walk out to the pasture many days to scratch her. There’s also “Suede”, “207” and “Miss Maryland”.

Pennsylvania Goat Industry Facts

  • PA produces more than 38,000 goats on 2,600 farms annually
  • Sheep and goat meat is the 4th most consumed meat globally behind pork, poultry, and beef
  • Many producers follow a ethnic holiday schedule to achieve a higher price at market for young stock

From one farm girl to another I hope these prints bring you joy. Order your farm house decor here. Looking for a specific farm house print? Need a special size? Split canvas? With hundreds of images in my collections and endless printing options I can make your vision come to life! Reach out here.

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