Senior Pictures Class of 2023: Sara

When Sara inquired about senior pictures I was intrigued by the ideas she had for the photos. I seldom travel to the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania but it seems the times I do its always well worth the drive. Sara is the sweetest girl, loves her jersey cows, and has such a good sense of style. Fun fact: she is the PA Jersey Queen.

The session started with her banners and cows, before we did a few fun photos around the yard, and then made the short drive to the neighbor’s rock wall and pond. The rock wall rolled on for 100s of yards and was such a unique prop for the session.

Can we take a moment to appreciate Sara’s wide leg jeans? They were the perfect statement piece for the photos. Fun fact: my best friend and I were shopping a couple days prior to the session and we both looked at the jeans and said how fun they were if we only had a place to wear them. I may have fangirled over the jeans for a few moments when Sara walked out in them.

Check out my favorite photos from this senior photos sessions. I will always remember Sara’s session for the pretty views and epic outfits she choose. Ready to book your senior pictures? Click here.

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