Favorite Livestock Photos of 2021

The days of 2021 are winding down. What better way to recap the year than with sharing my five favorite livestock photos from 2021? This year marked a year of growth and uncertainty as I left a salaried job and transitioned into a full time photographer. I’m still very much growing and learning as a photographer and juggling the numerous hats a small business owner wears. Thank you to those who support this small business of mine.

2021 was a year of, dare I say it, returning to normal. Central Pennsylvania saw county fairs, livestock shows, and festivals commence after postponing the previous year. It brought back a sense of community as locals flocked to their favorite small town events.

The livestock shows that are highlighted in the photos below were also some of my favorite events. Each livestock show I get to picture is special to me for various reasons. The locations, livestock, exhibitors, and atmosphere are different at every show. That’s what makes each livestock show unique.

Check out my five favorite livestock photos I took this year. Each of these photos mean something different to me. Are you a livestock show manager looking to hire a livestock photographer? Reach out here.

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