High School Senior Photos | Montgomery

I had been looking forward to Montgomery’s high school senior photos since her mom and I starting planning for it months ago. The evening did not disappoint! When I arrived all hands were on deck to make sure the livestock looked great and Montgomery had the perfect outfit. Montgomery and I chatted about a picture she had seen on social media that she wanted to recreate. No pressure, right? A quick google search to get an idea for my camera settings and a reference image, I was as prepared as I was going to be. The evening rolled on and we captured so many photos of Montgomery and her livestock. The sun began to set perfectly and with a little bit of luck, we recreated the silhouette photo Montgomery had hoped for with her sheep. I love it when a plan comes together!

Planning is key when it comes to any portrait session. Don’t wait until the day off or even the week of to pick out your outfits or locations. Have a favorite shirt you want to wear for the photos? Great! Find a location that compliments that shirt. Use your photographer to help plan your session. We know of many locations and can make suggestions to make your vision a reality. Communicate with your photographer ahead of time specific shots or ideas you have. Photographers are talented but they can’t read minds. The only way we know exactly what you want is if you communicate it with us.

Check out a few of my favorites from Montgomery’s high school senior photos. Ready for your senior photos, reach out here.

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