The Beatty Family

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to make the trip back to Indiana, PA for a branding and family photo session of the Beattys. I stuck my first BCL sheep back in 2011 and it was hard not to reminisce on those days. Greg and Jamie’s program has grown since then and now makes an impact across the country.

The session represented a typical evening at Beatty’s Club Lambs. A ewe was trying to lamb and wouldn’t dilatate. Ethan fed the sheep and spent the rest of his evening staring at his “woolies”. Stetson and Brooks wore their ornery pants. Jamie tried to bribe them with Meadows ice cream and quesadillas. It worked for a few minutes. I had to stop for ice cream on the way home after hearing about it. Ice cream is the key to my happiness too.

My time at BCL was full of quirky comments and one liners. Some of my favorite from the evening include:

“Stetson what did you find there? Is that one of your mommy’s McDonalds sweet tea lids that blew away in the windstorm last week.”

– Greg

In fact it was a sweet tea lid. We all have a favorite drink of choice we can’t go without.

“That’s probably Greg calling. He needs to know what shirt to wear even though I set it out for him.”

– Jamie

Sure enough it was Greg calling. Jamie shook her head and smiled as she told him for probably the fifth time what shirt to wear. Does any guy know what to wear for family photos?

“But I don’t want to get my picture taken. You’re going to push me on the swing. “

– Brooks

I asked Stetson if he had a favorite sheep to which he replied.

“I do but she’s down at the other barn. That’s were all the bad moms go or the ones that loose their babies.”

– Stetson

Photo sessions don’t always go exactly as planned. Some of my favorite photos from the session were of Stetson and Brooks being boys and doing their thing.

Look for the photos in BCL’s marketing efforts in the upcoming months. The photo session was an easy way for BCL to refresh their marketing materials. When a business already has an established brand and is looking to increase their brand’s image, I recommend a photo session. Professional photos make your business stand out online and in print. To schedule a branding photography session for your farm or business please reach out to me at or click here.

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